Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trump 2017

For our Trump work in 2017 the brilliant Edgewater 3 has worked together to learn how to plan and organise our own learning activities. We practiced working together on team activities and sometimes we independently managed our own learning.

To achieve a pass in Trump this year the Edgewater 3 students planned trips to the swimming pools, managed their personal fitness programme and competed in a range of team building activities.

Students also planned a menu and enjoyed making healthy shared meals. We mastered the juice extractor machine and learnt how to juice fresh fruit and vegetables to make a nutritious cold drink.

We used our Chromebook computers to learn, create and share our work. Using Google Slides software we made slideshows to publish our stories with interesting fonts, photos and artwork.

We have also created personal blogs, learnt to search for information online and had fun using Gchat to chat online safely with our Sommerville friends.

Trump 2017 has helped us learn how to plan and organise ourselves. This work has helped us to become more independent learners. It’s been a fun year's work.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Edgewater summer uniforms for our Sommerville Students

Hello Friends and Families

Here is a little information about the Edgewater summer uniforms for our Sommerville Students.

We wear the Edgewater Junior uniform: 

Light blue shirt 
Dark blue Skirt or Shorts  
PE Shorts and PE Shirt

NO Blazer required - Jacket Optional - Jersey recommended

Links to the school uniform information:

Uniform shop is open until Dec 6 and then next year.

2017 hours

Mondays 1.45pm - 2.30pm
Wednesday 1.45pm - 2.30 pm
Thursday 8am - 9.15am

Second Hand Uniforms - On Trade Me or 

Uniforms can be purchased online, by a WINZ order or at the Edgewater Uniform shop this year or after school starts in 2018.