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Numeracy - Technology - Tune a Radio Challenge

How many Auckland radio stations can you find?

List of radio stations in Auckland

This is a list of radio stations in the Auckland Region of New Zealand.

FM stations[edit]

There are 27 FM radio broadcast stations in Auckland, broadcasting on 32 frequencies. MediaWorks Radio and NZME Radio are the largest FM broadcasting networks, with 9 stations on 13 frequencies and 7 stations respectively. Radio New Zealand and Chinese Voice each broadcast two FM stations, and a number of other organisations broadcast FM stations.
Most FM radio broadcast stations in Auckland are transmitted from the Sky Tower. In addition, MediaWorks Radio broadcast two stations from the Lochamber transmitter (located between Hatfields Beach and Waiwera), and four stations from the Moirs Hill transmitter (located between Puhoi and Warkworth). Two Chinese language stations are broadcast from Waiheke Island, with another broadcasting from Pukekohe. A solar powered community radio station exists on Great Barrier Island,[1] broadcasting from two locations (Port Fitzroy and Station Rock).[2]
Frequency[2]NameFormatOwnerTransmitter[2]Broadcasting on frequency sincePrevious stations on frequency
88.6Mai FM[3]Urban contemporaryMediaWorks RadioSky Tower1992
88.9More FM - Rodney[4]MediaWorks RadioMoirs Hill
89.4Newstalk ZB[5]Talk radioNZME RadioSky Tower10/2/19931983 - 1993 89 Stereo FM (also branded as Triple M/Auckland's Music Leader and The New 89FM and 89Rock, 89X)
90.2The Rock[6]Active rockMediaWorks RadioSky Tower19991990 KeyWest 90.2FM
1991 - 1993 Fine Music Radio 90.2FM
1993 - 1994 Nuu FM
1994 - 1999 Radio Pacific
90.6FM90.6 New Zealand Chinese Radio[7]Chinese radioGlobal CAMG Media GroupWaiheke Island1997
91.091ZM[8]Contemporary hit musicNZME RadioSky Tower19971983 - 1993 Magic 91FM
1993 - 1997 The Breeze on 91
91.8More FM Auckland[9]Adult contemporaryMediaWorks RadioSky Tower19931984 1ATS FM
1985 - 1990 bFM
1990 Radio i FM92
1991 BBC World Service
1992 - 1993 Today 92FM
92.6Radio New Zealand Concert[10]ClassicalRadio New ZealandSky Tower19861985 Harbourlights FM (short term)
92.9RadioLive[11]Talk radioMediaWorks RadioMoirs Hill
93.4The Breeze[12]Easy listeningMediaWorks RadioSky Tower20061988 1OHS FM
1990 CBA Christian
1990 Easy 93FM
1991 - 1993 Oldies 93.4
1993 - 1997 Kool 93
1997 - 2006 Solid Gold
93.8The Sound[13]Classic rockMediaWorks RadioSky Tower20061993 - 1994 KAFM (Waiheke)
2003 - 2005 Channel Z
2005 - 2006 Kiwi FM
94.2The Edge[14]Pop musicMediaWorks RadioSky Tower20031989 - 1990 Oasis 94.2FM
1990 Rock 94FM
1991-1992 Te Reo o Tamaki Makaurau
1994 - 1997 FM Country 94.2
1997 - 2003 Channel Z
95.0bFM[15]Student radioAuckland University Students' AssociationSky Tower1990
95.8Flava[16]Urban contemporaryNZME RadioSky Tower20101994 - 1995 Q96
1995 - 1997 Mai FM
1997 - 2002 Counties Manukau Radio
2003 - 2009 Real Good Life
96.1Decommissioned1997 - 1999 9inety6dot1
1999 - 2001 The Beat
2001 - 2004 Cool Blue 96.1FM
2004 - 2010 Flava (moved to 95.8FM)
96.4Aotea FM[1]Community radioAotea Community Radio TrustStation Rock
96.6George FM[17]HouseMediaWorks RadioSky Tower19981996 - 1998 Soul FM on 96.8
97.4The Hits 97.4[18]Adult contemporaryNZME RadioSky Tower1989
97.8More FM - Rodney[4]MediaWorks RadioLochamber
98.2Mix 98.2[19]80s and 90s hitsNZME RadioSky Tower20141990 - 2012: Easy Listening i98FM, Viva (from 2005), Easy Mix (from 2007)
2012 - 2014: Radio Sport
99.0Radio Hauraki[20]Modern alternativeNZME RadioSky Tower1990
99.4Chinese Radio FM 99.4[21]Chinese radioChinese VoiceWaiheke Island2009
99.8Life FM[22]Contemporary Christian musicRhema MediaSky Tower19971990 Radio Manukau
1991 - 1993 FM Country 100
1993 - 1997 Today 99.8FM
100.1The Rock[6]Active rockMediaWorks RadioMoirs Hill2016
100.2Decommissioned2009-2016 RadioLive[11]
100.6RadioLive[11]Talk radioMediaWorks RadioSky Tower20051998-2001 George FM
101.4Radio New Zealand National[10]Radio New ZealandSky Tower
102.2OnRoute FMTraffic informationNZTASouth East Auckland6 March 2017
(temporary FM frequency as a trial by NZTA)
2006 - 2015 Kiwi FM
103.8Niu FM[23]Pacific mixPacific Media NetworkSky Tower2003
104.0Aotea FM[1]Community radioAotea Community Radio TrustPort Fitzroy
104.2Chinese Radio FM 104.2[24]Chinese radioChinese VoicePukekohe Hill2009
104.6Planet FM[25]Public accessradioAccess Community Radio AucklandSky Tower2000
104.9Magic[26]OldiesMediaWorks RadioMoirs Hill20162012-2016 The Rock[6]
105.4Coast[27]Middle of the roadNZME RadioSky Tower20042001-2003 The Wolf
106.2Humm FM[28]Hindi radio5 Tunz CommunicationsSky Tower20112008 - 2010 Big 106.2

AM stations[edit]

There are 17 AM radio broadcast stations in Auckland, broadcasting on 15 frequencies. NZME RadioRadio New Zealand, and Rhema Media each operate two stations (the latter two operators sharing a frequency for one of their stations). A number of community and private organisations operate AM radio stations.
AM radio broadcast stations in Auckland are transmitted from Henderson, New Zealand, where two masts are located to the north and south of the Lincoln Road interchange with the Northwestern Motorway[2]
FrequencyNameFormatOwnerTransmitter[2]Broadcasting on frequency sincePrevious stations on frequency
531Radio 531pi[29]Pacific Island radioPacific Media NetworkHenderson (south)1993
603Radio Waatea[30]Māori radio and news
Bilingual Māori and English
UMA Broadcasting LtdHenderson (south)19991988 - 1994 Aotearoa Radio
1995 - 1998 Yes AM
702Magic[26]OldiesMediaWorks RadioHenderson (north)20151990 - 2005 Radio Pacific
2005 - 2015 Radio Live
756Radio New Zealand National[10]Radio New ZealandHenderson (south)1978Previously on 760AM between 1923 and 1978
810BBC World Service[31]Auckland Radio TrustHenderson (north)2005Access Radio 810AM - 1987 - 2000
882AM Network[10]
When Parliament is sitting
live coverage of NZ ParliamentRadio New ZealandHenderson (south)19991978 - 1986 Concert Radio (broadcasting on 880AM between 1948 and 1978)
When Parliament is not sitting
Christian radioRhema MediaHenderson (south)19991978 - 1986 Concert Radio (broadcasting on 880AM between 1948 and 1978)
936AM936 Chinese Radio[33]Chinese radioChinese VoiceHenderson (north)Counties Manukau Radio - 1997 - 2002
990Apna 990AM[34]Indian radioPrivately ownedHenderson (south)2005BBC World Service - 1995 - 1997
BBC Mandarin Service - 1997 - 2003
1080Newstalk ZB[5]Talk radioNZME RadioHenderson (north)19781978 - 1987 branded as 1ZB (1ZB was on 1070 between 1926 and 1978)
1987 - 1993 branded as Newstalk 1ZB
1179Ake 1179[35]Ngāti Whātua music stationTe Rūnanga o Ngāti WhātuaHenderson (north)20091996 - 2005 Ruia Mai
2005-2009 Voice of Samoa
1251Rhema[36]Christian radioRhema MediaHenderson19891978 - 1987 1ZM or 1251ZM (broadcasting on 1250AM between 1973 and 1978)
1987 - 1989 Classic Hits 1251 (still using 1ZM Callsign)
1332Radio Sport[37]Live sport and sports talkNZME RadioHenderson (south)19981978 - 1997 Radio i1332 (previously on 1590AM and then 1330AM prior to 1978)
1997 - 1998 Sports Round Up
1386Radio Tarana[38]Contemporary Indian radioPrivately ownedHenderson1996BBC World Service 1991 - 1994
Radio Liberty 1995 - 1996
1476TAB Trackside Radio[39]Sports radioNew Zealand Racing BoardHenderson (north)20151978 - 1990 Radio Hauraki (previously on 1480AM between 1966 and 1978)
1990 - 1994 1476 Airport Radio
1994 - 1997 The Point
1997 - 2005 BBC World Service
2005 - 2007 Radio Pacific and Radio Trackside
2007 - 2015 LiveSport and Radio Trackside
1593Radio Samoa[40]Samoan radioSamoa Multimedia GroupHenderson19991979 - 1990 Radio Pacific
1991 - 1997 Reo Atu Motu
1997 - 1999 Southern Star