Friday, 30 August 2013

Free Lunchtime Swim Every Wednesday.

Free Lunchtime Swim

Every Wednesday.
Bring your togs and towel.
Be there or be dry!

Earthquake ! Earthquake ! Earthquake … practice.

Earthquake !  Earthquake !

Earthquake … practice.

Drop   Cover   Hold   

Drop   Cover   Hold   

Student of the week... Week 5 Term 3

Student of the week is…


Awarded for keeping calm and focusing on his own work. 

Well done William!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Student of the week.

Student of the week is…Dillion

Awarded for keeping cool under pressure and working well with others.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Science Trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum

Tamaki 1 went on a Science Trip to the 
Auckland War Memorial Museum 

We are learning about our Physical world
Our learning targets are to:

-Explore everyday examples of physical phenomena, such as movement, forces, electricity and magnetism, light, sound, waves, and heat.

-Seek and describe simple patterns in physical phenomena.

 I liked the old clothes the children wore to school during the war.  By William.

I liked the weapons in the armory.  By Troy Tu.

I liked the model of the volcano and all the old shops.  By Troy Ta.

My favourite things were the flags of all the different countries.  By Shanann.

The Museum was good. I liked the Volcano exhibition. The house moved when the volcano erupted. By Katy.

I really enjoyed the Museum. The flags, the sea exhibition and the computers were cool. By Reggie. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fire alarm practice

Tamaki campus had another unplanned fire alarm practice. 


Students please do not play with the fire alarm button. 

Wednesday lunchtime swimming is fun!

Wednesday Swimming is fun!

Vicky, Crusoe and Kevin supervise an optional free swim every Wednesday lunchtime.


Bring your togs on Wednesday and swim with your friends.