Thursday, 30 April 2015

Our Widget Story Plan

We are learning to plan our writing. This week we are writing a story about the widgets on our class blog. Kevin gave us this plan to help us plan our story.

The instructions were:

  1. Look on our class blog
  2. Pick one of our widget pets to write about.  You could choose the fish, George the Dog or Taz the Tasmanian Devil.
  3. Fill in the writing plan below it will help you write your story.

Authors name:

Story Title:

Introduction.: Who, what, where is this story about?

Action: What happens? Is there a problem, fun or adventure?

End: How does your story end? Do you solve the problem? What happened in the adventure.

When we finish our story plan we make a copy of the plan and edit to make a good story that has sentences and punctuation. 

When we are happy with our story we will publish it using the

Click the link below to read and hear the story the class wrote with Kevin to practice using the Widget Plan. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Secondhand Uniform Service

Secondhand Uniform Service

Edgewater College have joined a service called Uniform Me™, which lets you buy and sell secondhand school uniform from home. All you need is an internet connection and you are away! FREE TO USE To start using this new system: Go to 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Practice your sign language

Introducing Sign Ninja, an engaging new online game, a way to have fun learning New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

You can play Sign Ninja FREE on computers, tablets and smart phones (Android* and iPad/iPhone*).
Sign Ninja is a great way to learn, practice and explore NZSL, the Language of the Deaf community of New Zealand.
The scene is set with a tale of intrigue told about a secret language. This is the little known but true history of NZSL, which was banned, even in Deaf schools, until as late as the 1980’s.
The Sign Ninja player must navigate their way through the NZSL labyrinth to find the Great Hall of Communication.
Play includes the creation of an avatar and interaction with Sign Ninja characters; the Sign Master, the Grammar Guru and the Hand Shaper.
NZSL vocabulary and knowledge is used to unlock doors, earn points, “Thumbs Up” tokens or “Voice Off Shields” along the way. Meanwhile the player will have to face the “Shouters”, noisy characters who don’t know how to use NZSL and are so loud that they are causing the walls of the labyrinth to collapse!
Upon reaching the Great Hall of Communication, players will be awarded belts in a variety of colors to reflect their level of achievement. Players can choose to have their adventures recorded in the Sign Ninja Hall of Fame.
*Works with Chrome on Android phones. Note, not all Android phones are capable.
**iPads/iPhones with iOS 7

Friday, 24 April 2015

Cooking Teams for Term 2

This term we are planning our lunch recipe as a team. Each team will make lunch for the class every fortnight. The Healthy Hotdogs Team are making hotdogs next week and the K Team are making Chicken Burgers the week after.

Healthy Hot Dogs

Keenen, Lauren, Joseph, Natasha, Michael

We want to make Hotdogs and Pumpkin soup

First week will be hot dogs.

Ingredients needed will be:

Buns frankfurters cheese onions tomato sauce
Recipe will be from Best of kids cooking  page 7

K Team

Brennan Jordan Bradley Finn Aidan

We want to make Hamburgers, Pizza and Subway sandwiches  

First week will be Chicken burgers.

Ingredients needed will be:

Cheese chicken patties tomato beetroot lettuce tomato sauce mayo pineapple onion buns

Teams will be divided into:

Preparation, cooking and serving and cleaning up groups.

Anzac Day 2015

Australia and New Zealand: 
the ANZAC connection

To most New Zealanders and Australians, ANZAC Day is a very special day in the year.

The letters stand for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Here is a map of the world so that you can see that Australia is not very far away from New Zealand.
Because our countries are so close we stay friends with Australia so that we can help each other if we have to, particularly in times of war because the rest of the world is so far away.

Australia looks like this:      New Zealand looks like this:
                    ew Zealand
Each country has its own flag.

The Australian Flag looks like this:
ustralian Flag
The New Zealand Flag looks like this:
Can you see the difference?
Sometimes Australians are called Aussies.  Australian soldiers are called Diggers.

New Zealanders are called Kiwis after our native bird.

Australian and New Zealand soldiers came from different places, homes and cultures -- some were teenage boys, others were fathers with young children. Some soldiers lived in cities and towns and some lived on small islands.


A long time ago there was a war. A war is like a big fight between countries who disagree over some things.

Most of the countries in the world joined in the fighting and this was called the First World War. This war lasted four years. There was a second World War which lasted for six years. Since then there have been other small wars and battles like in Vietnam.
The dotted lines show where New Zealanders travelled to in some of the conflicts of the 20th century.

To be at war is not a good thing because people can get hurt or killed and lose their possessions (eg, home, car, toys, dogs, cats or even their family members) and this makes people very sad.

Very brave people are called heroes. Simpson and his donkey are famous heroes from the First World War. Simpson put wounded soldiers on the donkey’s back and helped them to the first aid tent.

Defence Forces

Most countries have people who work in the army, the navy or the air force -- this is called the Defence Force.

Some of the uniforms people wore in the First World War looked like this ->

“Defend” means “to keep safe” and the people in the Australian Defence Force keep our country safe and protect us.
The soldiers make up the Army and defend and fight on the ground.

The sailors mostly fight and defend from their ships and submarines at sea and on the oceans.

The air force people fight and defend in their planes in the air.

There are also special nurses who look after the wounded.

The people in the Army, Navy and Air Force wear special uniforms which help to identify the part of the Defence Force to which they belong.  Today the uniforms look like this:
avy, Army, Air Force dress uniforms rmy combat uniform
New Zealand has sent soldiers, sailors, airmen and nurses to other countries (like Timor, Solomon Islands and Iraq) when they needed help, as well as looked after our country. When they go to countries to help to keep the peace, these Defence people from New Zealand (and other countries) are known as 'peacekeepers'.

Within the Defence Force there are men and women who are doctors, dentists, cooks, musicians, truck drivers etc.





On ANZAC Day, 25th April each year, we remember the brave men and women who have served our country in times of war.

People who have defended our country get special medals. These medals are proudly worn on ANZAC Day when we especially remember all the people who have died or suffered in wars so that we might live freely.

Some of the medals look like this ->

To be free means that we can do things like go where we want to go, live where we want to live, own our own things, have food to eat,
a job to earn money and act as we want to act.

In some countries people are not allowed to do these things.

On ANZAC Day we show our thanks to the people who have fought for our country. It is such a special day it has been made a holiday so families can go to the march in their towns.  typical town war memorial on ANZAC Day

We can wear ANZAC badges and wave New Zealand flags to show how proud we are.

This is a special memorial called a cenotaph where people lay wreaths to remember the people who have died in wars.

The Ode is part of a special poem that is said during the ANZAC Day service. Here are the words:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

The Last Post is sounded on a bugle on ANZAC Day to remind us of the many soldiers killed or hurt during wars.

On ANZAC Day flowers and wreaths of red poppies are laid at the bottom of war memorials as a way of saying we have remembered these brave people. A war memorial is a place that honours all those who have died in wars.

On other special days in the year, like Remembrance Day, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month (November) we also remember those people who have fought for our country. On Remembrance Day, Australia, and many other countries, celebrate the end of World War 1. Those countries that were at war signed an important piece of paper on that day to say that they would no longer fight.

We should never forget these brave New Zealanders.

Isn’t it great to be a Kiwi?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Class Arts Trip On Thursday 7 May 2015

On Thursday 7 May our class will visit the Auckland Art Gallery to explore the visual art exhibitions and then we will go to the Auckland Libraries Thursday Lunchtime Concert. Friends and family are welcome to join us on this outing.

  1. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is the principal public gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, and has the most extensive collection of national and international art in New Zealand. It frequently hosts travelling international exhibitions. Wikipedia
  2. AddressCorner Kitchener and Wellesley Streets, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Auckland Libraries

A cello. When: Thursday 7 May 12.10pm - 1pm
Where: Central City Library, Level 2, Whare Wananga          
City of Sails Barbershop Chorus
It is a great pleasure to welcome the City of Sails Barbershop Chorus to our concert series once more! Singing both traditional and modern songs, their rich sound and catchy numbers will have your feet tapping.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Term 2

 Look out! We are back!

I was looking forwards to coming back to school so I can get my maths results. Bradley

I was glad to come back to school so I could see all my friends. Natasha

I came back to school after breakfast. I go to Edgewater College. I met my friends. Keenan

I am glad to be back at school so I can do my work in peace and quiet. Aidan

I am excited to see my friends. Lauren

I went back to school. My Mum signed my contract. I got my new Body Works Book. Michael.

I came back to school on the 20th of April because the holidays were finished. Finn

I was looking for my friends Lauren, Michael, Aidan and Keenen. Joseph

I was excited to be back at school because I missed all my friends. Brennan

I am happy to be back at school because I came back to school to work hard on my work. Jordan

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

1 April 200015

It's time to learn about April Fools Day.

April Fools car parking at Edgewater College.


April Fools Day was the first day of April. It’s about pranks that people plays jokes. At Edgewater College there was a sheet says Kevin has gone to the hospital to have a baby in front of the door. At Val’s class there was another sheet says men do not have babies in front of the door.


On April fools day Kevin made a funny jokes on us at school.When I got to school I had to read the notice on the door.When I have read the notice on the door I had to go to room1. When I got to room1 the teacher’ said it was just a joke and we went back to class. We went in to the classroom and the kids said it’s April Fools day.I got a day sheet and on the day sheet the words was upside down and I just  laughed.


Today is the first of April and its April Fool’s day. On April Fool’s day people play pranks on each other. When i arrived at school this morning I saw a sign on the class room door. It said Kevin had gone to the hospital to have a baby and we had to go to Val’s class because Val was teaching our class. I went to Val’s class and on her door there was a sign that said men can not have baby’s go back to class. I went back to class and it was just a prank. I was laughing. In class our chair’s were sellotaped to our desk’s and the writing on the timetable was backwards. At first I could not read it. The time on the clock was wrong and the bad side of the board was now the good side of the board. Lauren, Michael and I were hiding from Brennan, Keenen, Finn and Jordan. When they came in class we said April Fools and they laughed. April Fools is a funny day.    

On April Fools day by Michael

There is the paper on the door. The paper said Kevin has gone to the hospital to have a baby.

April Fool Men do not have babies.

I put a whoopee cushion on  Lauren’s chair.  When she sit on the chair it sounds funny. Lauren said “what was that noise?” Then I say “April Fools!”  

April Fools tricks by Joseph

I watch April FooI trick on our blog

I like the police chase the man at the shopping mall

l like the pink spot elephant


This morning our chairs
were sellotaped  to  the  
table. Kevin  said he was having a baby .
Another paper said  men  cannot
have babies go back to class.
I went back to class. Kevin  
was hiding he was playing a
trick on us.
Shyama told us to go away.
Our day sheet was backwards.
We could not read it.
Someone needed to help me do the reading.
April fools day makes me happy.

Aprils Fool by Bradley

Before I went to school this morning, I have thought of a prank I could on Kevin for April Fool’s day today. My idea was that I could go to school in my mufti clothes, and then switch back to my school uniform as soon as I got to my class. While my parents and I thought it was a good prank to do, my parents thought it won’t be appropriate because we were not allowed to wear our mufti at school if it’s not mufti day. Though I was disappointed, I still had many other tricks up my sleeve.

As soon as I got to school, I prepared myself for work, such as taking out my plants and getting my time table sorted out. What I deliberately did not do was take my lunch box and home/school book out, in hopes of making the teachers realise whose book was missing. At morning tea, I took out my home/school book out and gave it to the teachers, I then realised that they did have a book missing, but they did not mention that I did not bring my home/school book out.


Today is April fool’s Day.

This morning something happened at school. We looked at the paper on the door. The paper said Kevin is at the hospital to have a baby. Another paper said go to Val’s class but Shyama told us to go away, So we ran away back to class. In Kevin’s class it only Michael, Lauren and Natasha hiding behind a desk and they called out April Fool’s day. We were all surprised because it was spectacular inside our class.

We went to check on the chromebook to look at the class blog and April Fool’s day on the google. I could not see anything because my chromebook was black. Someone had turned off the screen light!

About  April Fools Day By Jordan

April Fools Day   is sometimes called All  Fools Day. April Fools Day  is not a national holiday in any country.  Canada, Europe  Australia Brazil United states
But when People play jokes to each other and The rome Festival of Hilavia and the holi Festival of India in Chuse    Canterbury Tales (1392) in Ccotland April Fools day is traditionally called Huntygowk day .