Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Football Ribbon Day

Results for West Central Secondary Schools Football Trust Stadium, Henderson – 18th June, 2015

Division 1

1st Waitak 1 2 nd Lynfield Strikers 3rd Edgewater Bears 4 th Arohanui Awesomeness 5th Te Aratika Turtles

Division 2

1st Roskill Rovers 2 nd Sunnydene smashers 3rd The Junior Kickers 4 th Henderson Heroes 5th Edgewater Tigers

Division 3 1st Harlem Warriors 2 nd equal Arohanui Macattack and  Arohanui Boomers 3rd Oaktec Firebirds 4 th Waitak 2

Division 4

1st Rutherford Kotuku 2 nd Lynfield Legends 3rd Community Crushers 4 th Edgewater Dolphins 5th Mt Roskill United 6th Remuera Intermediate

Division 5

1st equal Edgewater Lions and Arohanui Te  Atatu 2 nd Arohanui Hobby 3rd Oaktec Thunder 4 th Bay United

Division 6

1st Tamaki Twisters 2 nd Rutherford Tohea 3rd Mount Roskill Rangers 4th equal Waitak 3 and Henderson  Diamonds 5th Sunnydene Strikers

Party - Term 2 Disco at Tamaki Hall

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Go to the top of the class

Our Fitness Survey Class took us up the rock climbing wall.

Check out all of our Fitness Survey photos.

Friday, 19 June 2015

More Feelings

Todays Menu is ...

Yay the K Team are cooking today

Brennan, Aidan, Jordan, Bradley and Finn will be serving:

butter ▢
marmite ▢
peanutbutter ▢

Salada Crackers
butter ▢
marmite ▢
peanutbutter ▢

Cup - A - Soup  
Tomato ▢
Mushroom ▢
Pumpkin ▢

Chicken ▢

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mufti Day this Friday


Support our Netballers 

Mufti Day Dress Code Students must be well presented wearing tidy and clean clothing. 

The following items are NOT permitted 

 Garments with objectionable or inappropriate pictures or slogans 

 Garments advertising alcohol, cigarettes, drugs 

 Brief shorts

 Hats/caps are not to be worn inside

 No Bandanas or Gang insignia

 See-through, low-cut, halter, singlet, or thin-strapped tops on dresses or as separates, or revealing a bare midriff. 

Ready to Read Books online

Remember those old Ready to Read Books you had at school? 

Now they are on YouTube!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Football Ribbon Day News

West Central Secondary Schools
Special Olympics Schools Football Ribbon Day

Trust Stadium
65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson
Thursday 18th June 2015

Please bring $2 for the bus

Hi everyone

A few pointers for the Ribbon Day –

1.      Venue is Trust Stadium. Map attached. For those of you new to this event..myself included ;-0 I have attached a wises map for reference on where to go. 

2.     Volunteers/schools arrival time from 9.00-9.30am. We need to start games at 10.30 We won’t be able to wait for late comers, they will have to join in the day.
3.     Team managers/coaches please report to the Registration desk on arrival.
4.     Team managers meeting at 10.00 am. Officials and Volunteers briefing at 9.50am
5.     Opening Ceremony is 10.15am
6.     The venue is indoors, no soccer boots or shin pads required. Please have court shoes or shoes that will not mark the floors
7.     St John will be in attendance.
8.     Each school will receive one ‘Kit’ per team comprising a Program and a draw.
9.     The timetable for the day is a tight one – please listen carefully to the MC and have your teams ready to play.  Extra time cannot be played for late starts to games.
10.   School banners would look great, feel free to bring with you.
11.    Please encourage everyone to use the rubbish bins, and check for rubbish at the conclusion of the day.
12.   Please invite parents and grand parents.
13.   Food, please ensure you and your students have adequate lunch and drinks as there are no food outlets at the venue. We won’t stop for a lunch break, please ensure your students eat around their events.
14.   We aim to finish by 1.30pm. I am hopeful to do the certificate presentations before we go, but if we go over time, I will send the results and certificates to you all.   Please let your students know this may happen, as I know this is an important part to the day for them.
15.    Condition of Entry – that an adequate student/teacher ratio be maintained at all times

Many thanks; I look forward to seeing you all there. Thank you for making this day possible.
Have fun.

Helen Ferguson
Regional Sports Coordinator
Central and West

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Thanks Bradley


Bradley represented Sommerville Special School at today's Manaiakalani  Presentation Day. One student from each of the Manaiakalani Schools talked to a group of important guests about how they use technology to help them learn.

Bradley gave a speech and presented a slideshow that explained how he used his Chromebook and a range of Google Apps to help him write and publish a story.

Tonights Maths homework is to count to infinity ...

What is Infinity?

Infinity ...
... it's not big ...
... it's not huge ...
... it's not tremendously large ...
... it's not extremely humongously enormous ...
... it's ...

Infinity has no end
Infinity is the idea of something that has no end.
In our world we don't have anything like it. So we imagine traveling on and on, trying hard to get there, but that is not actually infinity.
So don't think like that (it just hurts your brain!). Just think "endless", or "boundless".
If there is no reason something should stop, then it is infinite.

Infinity does not grow

Infinity is not "getting larger", it is already fully formed.
Sometimes people (including me) say it "goes on and on" which sounds like it is growing somehow. But infinity does not do anything, it just is.

Infinity is not a real number

Infinity is not a real number, it is an idea. An idea of something without an end.
Infinity cannot be measured.
Even these faraway galaxies can't compete with infinity.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Shopping Stories

We looked at the Shopping Story Writing Plan assignment and then we practiced writing stories with our language groups to get good at writing a story with an introduction, middle and end.

My Toyworld Shopping Story By the Yellow Group

Our group is going to Toyworld to buy a transformers toy.

We walk in and we are looking for a transformer toy. The transformer jumped off the shelf and landed on Aidan’s head. The transformer had his legs and arms open. Aidan yelled “Help!”

Lauren got flying powers, she grabbed Aidan and the transformer. She flew him to his home.

Lost in Toy World By the Green Group

My class went to Toy World to buy toys. We caught the bus to Sylvia Park. We felt excited.

Keenen said “We have to stay together so we don’t get lost.” The students said “Ok” and then ran to buy the games.

The students ran to buy the leggo.
The students ran to buy the dolls.
The students ran to buy the My Little Ponies.
The students ran to buy the Teddy Bears.
The students ran to buy the Transformers.

Keenen was left by himself. “Help I have lost the students! I know" said Keenen “ I have the money. I will meet them by the checkout and pay for our toys.”

My Warehouse Story By the Purple Group

Our class walked into The Warehouse.

We looked around and something interesting. We saw some Playstation 3 games. There was a special on the Playstation 3 games. The special was that if you buy one game you will get another game for free.

We decided not to buy a game because we did not have enough money.

Now we have practiced writing with our Language Group we are going to write some Shopping Stories by ourselves.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Friday, 5 June 2015

Check out the writing we have been publishing with SymWriter

Click the link below to read and hear the writing we have been sharing using SymWriter.


Edgewater Fitness Survey

On Thursday we met with the senior Edgewater Class that are going to work with us to improve our fitness. The class completed a "Fitness Survey" with us. They asked us questions about our fitness, the activities we enjoy and got to know us. 

They will make up an activity programme to help us get fit. We will have seven exercise sessions working together at the school gym. Keep reading our blog to find out what happens. 

We are enjoying the exercise programme. 
Look at the photos of us exercising.

We walked on the balance beam and we run and jump on the mat. I feel proud when I did the fitness in the big gym. Aidan.

I liked playing basketball with our friends in the big gym. I liked climbing up the big rope. I was excited. Lauren

I have been playing basketball. I am getting better at jumping. I got the ball stuck on the hoop. I laughed because it was stuck. I jumped up to get the ball down. Finn

I be careful balancing on the beam. I feel a little bit scared. I be brave and do it. Michael

Some of the Headway fitness was hard. Throwing the basket ball at the hoop was hard but the senior students helped like telling me where to throw the ball at the black line and helped me do the skipping rope and I felt happy. Jordan 

I jumped on the trampoline and landed on the big mat. I throw the basketball through the hoop. I climb the ladder and touch the top. I felt happy because I did all the activities. Keenen

I liked walking on the balance beam. I tried my best to walk straight. It was fun to do. I felt happy because I did not give up. Brennan

I like basketball because I shoot the hoop and it makes me happy. Joseph

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Shopping Stories

This weeks writing challenge was to write a shopping story using our 1, 2, 3 Story Plan.

Our stories are about going shopping in a store. The stories needed to have an Introduction (1), some Action (2) inside the store and an End (3) When we left the store.

On writing day one we picked a store to write about and then wrote a practice story 1,2,3 Story Plan with our Language Group to learn how to use the writing plan. 

We shared our stories with the other groups and then started to work on our own story plan. 

On writing day two Kevin challenged us to include a sentence or two about other shoppers in our story. To give us some ideas for shopper characters we:

Watched the Mr Bean Shopping video

Then we made up an interesting character to act out.

Aidan = Old man
Brennan = Little boy (tantrum)
Lauren = Happy girl
Bradley = Angry customer
Keenen = Shopping with headphones
Joseph = Katy Perry the music star
Natasha = 3 year old girl
Finn = Stan Smith the music star
Michael = Police Man
Jordan = 6 year old boy

We practiced shopping and speaking as our character.

Then we wrote about the other shoppers in our Shopping stories.

On writing day three Kevin challenged us to include a sentence or two about the voices and sounds in our Shopping stories. To help us get some idea about voices and sounds we watched the Mr Bean Super Trolley video.

Then we wrote more in our Shopping stories about the other shoppers voices and the noises we could hear in the store.

On writing day three we will write some more and then read our story in a characters voice. When we are happy with the stories we publish them on our blogs.