Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hunting Game

Today we played an new game called The Hunting Game. In the Hunting Game you kill people by ripping off their velcro tail from their belt. Aidan was an Earthquake that could kill everyone. There was a red team and a blue team that tried to kill each other. The Red Team won.

We were hiding by the classes. Aidan found us. Bradley heard a noise from Michael, Joseph and I. Aidan got our tail. I thought the game was awesome. Keenen

Lauren, Jordan and I ran and hid by the Marae. Then we heard some noises. We ran to the field. Aidan saw us and he took all or our tails. Then we saw the other team and Aidan took all of their tails.  I thought the game was really fun. Natasha

Keenen, Joseph and I were running. We could not find the other team. They were hiding somewhere. Aidan couldn't find us.  I thought the game was incredible. Michael

I was trying to do my best. I slipped over. Natasha and I went in the bush to hide.  I thought the game was easy. Lauren.

I was hiding. Natasha was trying to catch me. I thought the game was cool. Joseph

I thought the game was very cool and we were allowed to roam around the school. Jordan

Get Smart.


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Monday, 24 August 2015

Check out the Digital Citizenship Videos

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Why has our blog gone quiet?

There was a fire at out school!

The fire melted the power cables to the modem that sends the wireless signal to our class.

No power = no internet for Edgewater 3 

Here is the news report about it.

Fire at Auckland school

Fire crew are investigating a small blaze at Edgewater College in Auckland.

Fire crew are investigating a small blaze at Edgewater College in Auckland.
A small fire at Pakuranga's Edgewater College has been doused by firefighters.
Fire crew was called to the school after 5.30pm but the fire service's shift commander Steve Smith said it was a small fire in the corner of the school's sewing room.
Six fire trucks were initially sent in case people were at the school but the extra crew were stood down when it became apparent they weren't needed, he said.
Fire investigators were at the scene.

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Edgewater 3 are having a ball. A basketball.

Get fit and have fun by practicing your basketball skills

Get ready for the Special Olympic Basketball Day

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Saturday School is on the way


Save the date 

Saturday 19th September 2015 

Come along and share in your child’s learning at our Tamaki campus. 

More details to follow soon!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Expressionism Art Assignment

Assignment = Create an image that shows the feelings expressed in your film festival film.

You can use any medium to create your image. We will photograph your artwork and use it as part of your film title sequence.  Talk to your Art Teacher and look at the video below to get some ideas.

Maurice Paykel Centre Ball Rocked

“We had a ball.”

Thank you Maurice Paykel Centre your ball was..

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Maniakalani Film Festival is on the way...

DSCF3098.JPGWe have been planning and scheming...

We are now inspired and have started work.

Our 2015 Film Festival Working Titles are...

“I Like” By Aidan

“Lego Battle” By Keenen

“Draw My Life” By Joseph

“Draw My Life” By Michael

“Happy Dog” By Lauren

“Draw My Life” By Jordan

“Cursed Store” By Bradley

“Slinky Ad” By Brennan and Bradley

“Things that make me smile” By Natasha

“Cooking Show” By Troy

Look out for cool movies coming your way soon.