Saturday, 28 May 2016

MOTAT - Weekend Experience!

"Imagination is the beginning of Creation" - George Bernard Shaw 

During June we are exhilarated to officially launch our brand new weekend experience specially designed to stimulate creative young minds. 
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end as you know, so it’s with this in mind that we bid farewell to two popular interactive travelling science exhibitions at the end of June. 
Read on to find out what we have up our sleeves for the July Holiday Experience and our extended stocktake sale from the MOTAT Shops.

Mural Experience, June
The MOTAT Art Gallery  Mural ExperienceJune: Every Saturday and Sunday
Weekends of Imagination is a series of brand new activities specifically created to engage young minds! Featuring super hands-on interactive activities every Saturday and Sunday from 4 June
The MOTAT Art Gallery – Mural Experience is all about paint for our unique new art gallery. Scribble, smear or splatter as you help us colour in a ready made design. 
Your fabulous designs will go on display for everyone to see so let your imagination run wild and start flexing those creative muscles!

Sunday, 5 June
Sunday, 5 June
This Demo Day, head to our Get Smart exhibition to learn from some of our volunteers about computing and telecommunications. There will be demonstrations of our differential analyser and telegraph machines alongside an inspirational story of a local innovator Michael Watling with his LOMAK keyboard.
Closing in June
Two interactive travelling science exhibitions will be closing at the end of June. This is your last chance to explore the amazing journey through your body from the oesophagus slide to a heart that never stops beating in Body in Action. Then head over next door to be enthralled by the borderland between visual art and neuroscience in the University of Auckland’s Eyetrackers exhibition before it heads back to campus!
Super Science Show - 7, 8 & 15 May
9 - 24 July
It's fascinating fun for all at MOTAT throughout these July holidays. Explore the gigantic "sound wave" BBQ that examines the concepts of sounds and 60+ interactive science exhibits. Step inside a wind tunnel to experience gale force winds, pump yourself up on an air jack or even test how fast you can throw a ball using the speed ball radar. Come along these school holidays and join the fun!
Mum is the Word - Sunday, 8 May
Every Saturday and Sunday of July
Be inspired, be imaginative, be inventive! Create with Strawbees! Experience real-life engineering with this popular 'Maker Movement' system which encourages trial and error based learning while still being loads of fun. Build your own or follow our host's instructions on how to construct a catapult, a bridge or even an umbrella. The possibilities are endless!
40% off a large selection of toys, books and unique MOTAT souvenirs! Come check it out, only at the Aviation Display Hall.

Don't miss out, only while stocks last! Sale ends 30 June.
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Friday, 27 May 2016

Class Arts Trip Tuesday 31 May 2016

Ballet In A Box

31 May 2016

Session 2



Royal New Zealand Ballet 
Open session with rehearsals, Q&A and dance excerpt

Would you like to get up close with some Royal New Zealand Ballet dancers?

The Vodafone Events Centre’s BNZ Theatre will be turned into a mini ballet studio for the day, including a dance floor, ballet barre, sound system and a handful of dancers to provide a glimpse into a day in the life of a Royal New Zealand Ballet dancer.
Students will watch the dancers warm up, rehearse and then perform a short programme of ballet excerpts, complete with costumes. The event will include demonstrations, discussion, and a Q&A session with the students – always popular!

This event is free of charge and fully sponsored by the Vodafone Events Centre Schools Programme.

31 May 2016

Session 2



VEC SNRCC signature

Make a Water Safety Poster

            D.  Health and Safety            

3. Make a poster to show you understand the water safety rules.

IMG_1409.JPG     IMG_1413.JPG   

My learning challenge is to use Google Docs to make a Water Safety Poster that teaches people how to be safe when they are around water. To help me get some good water safety poster ideas I will:

  1. Talk about the water safety rules with my class.

  1. Ask my Art Teacher “What makes a good poster?”

  1. Look at some posters around our classroom or on the internet.

Then I will: Draw a simple plan of my water safety poster.

Then I will: Make my water safety poster.

When I finish I will ask my teacher to print a copy of my poster for display and a copy for my Headway folder.

Need some help with Google Doc's ?


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Blotch Story Plans

On Monday we talked about how to write a simple plan to help us write an interesting story. 

On Tuesday we started to write our plan. We either picked one of the two plans below or made up our own writing plan to help write an interesting story that has a beginning, middle and end.


Blotch Story Character Outlines

These are our Blotch  Story character outlines. We have made them to help us plan our story writing. Next we will make a plan. Then we will write our stories.


My Blotch Character Outline by Katy

The Happy and Sad scary faces are having fun outside.

They play in the park. They are running. 
They are having fun. 
They are eating in the park. 
They are eating healthy food.  

They  fly in the plane to go for a holiday a long away. They gone away to Ireland. Then they went shopping to buy lots of toys and chocolate.

Monkey went to  have a  swim to cool down. Monkey just finished swimming. Monkey went to visit the zoo  to have a sleep. The monkey going up the air to up the sky. Then the Monkey come back down to get his friend call Bob then he come back to the zoo. They had lunch with Monkey and Bob. Then they having a sleep then they wake up to having a dinner.

They a tired too and happy.

Angry bird they having fun. They are jumped in the bed having a sleep. They are having a happy day.

Blotch Character Outline by Joseph

Captain America

Fights the guy
Run outside
Good Captain
Warm fly zooms alive
Boy tall happy


Some fruit
Happy monkey
Ooo ooo

Blotch Character Outline by Troy

I am going to write a story with my blotch characters.

This is my first blotch character is called 2 twins talking each other, but I know what 2 twins gonna do because they gonna to do pranks in front of everybody.

My second blotch character is called the green dragon monster, the dragon monster can fly in the sky and fly under the bridge.

My third blotch character is called a pink eagle, the pink eagle can swim under the sea for longer.

My last blotch character is called black & green mask, I like wearing a black & green mask because it fits alright for now.

They sound like a same voice as a twin brother.
The body is the same as the other twin brother.
They feel happy.

They like running into the park.

Finn Blotch Character Outline by Finn

The caterpillar is staying in a cocoon for 2 weeks and he turned into a big butterfly with his wings fluttering in the air and he has black dots and stripes on him. The butterfly is happy and he landed on a flower.

The red dinosaurs are fighting each other and they had a loud roar. They had black stripes on them and they are grumpy.

Blotch Character Outline by Michael

I am going to write a story with my blotch characters.

This is my blotch character named Air Great Temple of Lions.

It lives in the jungle. This is a dangerous place, it is really scary
walking in the jungle. The jungle has a sign that says KEEP OUT. The jungle has an Air Great Temple Of Lions, it’s flying with technology and it’s got weapons inside.

We need to go inside the Air Great Temple Of Lions. They have only got one lion and he talks with a voice. He said, ‘Who goes there, come inside and bow down before the Air Great Temple Of Lions.” Did you bring any meat to the Air Great Temple Of Lions It has got the last Diamond was at The top. He sound like lions super loud roar. It skin was hard and he feeling angry. It flys hard.

My blotch character name Giant robot stick figure

It has machine inside. Then he’s out of control. and bad he lives in city.

He standing by the path. and his voice a big robot. He said No one can not defeated me. You back? Come on challenge me I’ll be unstoppable.   

My Blotch Characters outline by Bradley.

Mystery Door. - According to ancient texts, the eye on top of the door is said to seek out the user’s deepest desire, and replicate it on the other side of the door. This is the only known function of the mystery door, however.

Congan Demons. - Contrary to popular belief, the congan demons are actually a rare species of gorillas that reside in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The spikes protruding from their backs protect them from surprise attacks from behind.

Butterflone. - The butterflone has two sets of eyes - one set on the front is used to help with navigation. The other set, which is on the back of it’s wings, allows the butterflone to blend in with its surroundings when it is in danger.

Blotch Character Outline by Jordan

I’m gonna make a story with my blotch art.

This is  Cucumberman

Tiny voice.
His body is very old
He stomps very loud when he walks.
He limps when he walks.
He eats anyone that annoys him.
His mood is grumpy

This is hot dog

He is always happy.      
His voice is high.
His body is young.
He flies high in the sky.
He eats annoying neighbours.
He makes elephant noises.

Blotch Character Outline by Connor

I am going to write a story with my blotch characters.

Predator has his own island.   
Predator will run very very fast . Predator wants to kill. Predator is very very grumpy and very very aggressive all the time and every day. Predator  is very very hungry every day predator likes to eat meat. Predator is a messy eater. Predator will kill anything that gets in his way.

Bob is a man and Sam is a women.

Bob and Sam go to predator island.

Predator is a very very fast runner.

Predator wanted to kill Bob and Sam but Bob killed the predator with a AK47 gun.

Bob and Sam live happy ever after.

By Connor

Blotch Character Outline by Lauren

I made up some blotch characters for my story. These are my ideas.


A catching Octopus  
The Girl
Dancing Fish
Dancing fish swims around dancing  blowing bubbles
Spins  upside  down  does tricks and backflips

A catching Octopus he stings people and wraps around  people.
Nasty  Grumpy scary poisonous not friendly jumps in to your boat.

Octopus is slow big slimy sad like a giant   it stomps screams barks  It is slow and has no friends


Girl  goes shopping and buys  lots of food  walks around  
Reads books
Goes to work at the pet store
Sings  squeaky sounds   
Her teeth  clatter
She runs
She feels happy
She has a big tummy
She is tall

Dancing Fish

Swish around
Big fish  
gold fish

Blotch Character Outline by Dillion

These are my blotch characters. I am going to make a story with them.


My batman has a big mouth.
He can’t walk.
He can fly.
He can eat Big Macs.
He can play games.


Kingfish can’t swim so he has to walk.
Kingfish sleeps a lot.
Kingfish has no friends and no money.
Kingfish has a house with no T.V.
Kingfish has no water.
Kingfish is lonely because he has no kids and no wife.