Monday, 31 July 2017


This Week We Are Learning About Prepositions Of Movement In Our Oral Language Games 

Across / Through

Across is movement from one side of an area, surface, or line to the other side.
Prepositions - Across
I drew a line ACROSS the paper.
Through is movement from one side of an enclosed space to the other side.
Prepositions - Across and through
The baseball went THROUGH the window.
Sometimes, either ACROSS or THROUGH can be used for areas:
  • We walked across the park.
    = We walked through the park.
  • They drove across the city.
    = They drove through the city.

Along / Around

Along is to follow a line.
Around is to go in a circular direction around some obstacle.
Prepositions of Movement in English: Around and Along
Difference between ALONG and AROUND

Into / Out Of

Into is to go from outside a space to inside a space. 
Out of is to go from inside a space to outside a space.
Prepositions of Movement in English - Into
The cat went into the box.
Prepositions of Movement in English - Out of
The cat jumped out of the box.

Onto / Off

Onto and off refer to surfaces, differently from into / out of (which refer to enclosed spaces):
  • The dog jumped onto the table.
    The dog jumped into the table.
  • I took the picture off the wall.
    I took the picture out of the wall.

Up / Down

Prepositions in English Up Down
Going up the stairs / Going down the stairs
Go up and go down can also be used for “increase” and “decrease,” in addition to physical movement.
  • The price of food has gone up in the past two years.
  • The number of children per family has gone down.

Over / Under

To go over is to pass above something.
To go under is to pass below something.
Prepositions in English - Over and Under
Prepositions in English – Over and Under

Towards / Away From

If you go towards something, you get closer to it.
If you go away from something, you get farther away from it.
Prepositions of Movement in English - Towards
The dog is running towards me.
Prepositions of Movement in English - Away from
The boy is running away from me.

Back To

“Back to” is movement of return to a place you have been before:
  • He went to Italy.
    (maybe for the first time)
  • He went back to Italy.
    (it is the second time, or he is from Italy)
  • He went back Italy.(this form is incorrect)

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Little Flick's BIrthday


Little Flick's Birthday 

The MOTAT Bears are throwing Little Flick a big birthday bash and you are invited! Come along dressed up for a Fire fighter's celebration. Book readings, craft activities and our very own Little Flick Rides to keep you entertained. All this and more fun-tastic activities await you - Don’t miss the celebrations!


Sci-Fi Spectacular Movie Nights

Sci-Fi Spectacular Movie Nights

Calling all film buffs and science fiction lovers! Come together for food, fun and films and experience a series of iconic sci-fi movies in MOTAT’s premiere innovation space, The Idea Collective.


Brave Hearts


The New Zealand Cardiac Story is a new, interactive exhibition profiling pioneering Kiwi heart clinicians and the bravery of their patients opening at MOTAT August 18 2017.



Meccano Display

The Auckland Meccano Guild will be visiting MOTAT with an amazing range of Meccano models! Offering something for everyone and inspiring the next generation of makers.



LIVE DAY, Village

See MOTAT come to life this third Sunday with a great range of family activities. This August we are having a Village fete on top of all the usual Live Day experiences.


Wild Wheels

Wild Wheels

This Father’s Day, 3 September there will be something to excite all motoring fans! A fantastic event packed with cars, music, food and entertainment for the whole family. 


Bubble Weekend

Bubble weekend

Welcome to the wonderful world of bubbles at MOTAT on 9 & 10 SeptemberGet hands-on with some fun bubble science and join in on the musical bubble party with great tunes and loads of... you guessed it - bubbles!

To celebrate Little Flick's Birthday, the MOTAT shops are packed with Fire Engine puzzles, MOTAT Fireman bears and a New Zealand favourite; Flick The Little Fire Engine books. Don't forget that MOTAT Mates get 10% of merchandise in the MOTAT shops plus discounted entry to our partnering venues.   


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