Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Basketball Ribbon Day 2014

Today at the Basketball Ribbon Day I played well with my team and I shared the ball. I saw some people running with the ball. I felt really good when I had finished Basketball.


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I saw Mt Roskill passing the ball. 
I scored some goals. 

I enjoyed my day. 

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 I really enjoyed playing Basketball today. I liked my team because we are the best. It was a fun day. I play fair with the team. I liked playing Basketball because it was fun. I had a good day. Vikki

I really liked going to Basketball Ribbon Day. I felt like our team was working very well together in all of the games.

I also saw a couple of old friends participating in the Ribbon day, some of whom came to Sommerville Special School at one point.

Overall, I thought the Basketball Ribbon Day was a good day to meet up with friends as well as play in the competitions. 


I saw lots of other schools there. I was very good at getting the ball in the hoop. I felt very happy that we won all our games. For one game our team let the other team have a chance at getting a goal. I think our team did very well. It was a fun day.  Natasha

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I played good and I felt happy to play basketball.  My team was good at basketball.We won all our games.We helped the other team because they were smaller than us. Brennan

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