Thursday, 15 September 2016

SPEC - Water Skills

My task was to take part in a class discussion about a water activity video.

 My learning goal is to discuss - talk about the video and to recall some safety facts I have learnt from the videos.

Right listen up minions, it is time to learn about water safety.
Watch the videos on our class blog.
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After I watched each video I talked with my classmates about what I Learnt.

We learnt about swimming safety. The video said no diving in the shallow pool. Never swim alone, swim with adults or a buddy. Ask a lifeguard to help you.

Video 2  Beach Safety Video     
The video said no fires are allowed on the beach. I should swim between the two yellow and red flags so the lifeguards can see me. If they can’t see you you might get in trouble.  Don’t drink alcohol if you are swimming and no littering on the beach. If you get in trouble you raise one hand so that the lifeguards can see you. Read the safety signs when you get to the beach.

Video 3  
We learnt to tell an adult where you are going, to always put on sunblock,a hat and to drink lots of water. To stay safe I need to read the signs. Be sun-smart and stay in the shade,Know your limitations and always swim between the flags.          

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