Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Rubbish Movie

Edgewater College’s Rubbish !

At Edgewater College, we saw rubbish all around. It was a big mess!

The three Sommerville Satellite Classes at Edgewater College have been cleaning up rubbish around the drains, the estuary and the school yard?

I think it is good to clean up the rubbish ! I sometimes go for a walk and pick up the rubbish.

When it is raining all the rubbish swims in the water at Bucklands Beach, Eastern Beach and Panmure Basin.

We are trying to protect the sea and if we don’t clean the rubbish up the wind will take the rubbish and plastic to the sea and kill sea animals.   

I picked the rubbish into the plastic bag so it doesn’t fly away into the sea.

A big heap of rubbish is at the school yard.

We picked up rubbish to stop the animals getting sick.  I like a clean environment.

When they drink they throw away the plastic bottles. They are bad boys it will kill the fish.

Keep our sea clear of rubbish. The rubbish will float away to sea and kill our sea animals.

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