Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Headway Animals - Pet Shop Visit 1

                            A.  Making Choices                             
Choose a pet you would like to have or look after and say why you chose it.

Today we went to Animates and we visited the animals. My favourite animal was the brown goldie looking rabbit.

Today we went to the pet shop to see some pets. I liked the catfish. The as so small and soft.

Our class went to the pet shop. My favourite animals were the dogs. I pat the dog. It is soft. I found dog food, dog beds and dog treats.

We went to the local pet shop. I looked for my favourite pet. They are called Guinea Pigs. I like the fluffy Guinea Pig. They eat food and they have a rest inside a tunnel in their stick house.

Today we went to animates in Glen Innes. There was one dog getting washed with it’s owner. I had fun at animates.

The kittens were very playful, but they also scratch a lot as well.
I also liked the Chinese Crested dog because of the amount of hair on its face compared to its body.

I liked seeing the lady washing her dog. I saw some big dogs barking at me. I liked seeing all the dog toys.

I liked the lady washing her dog. I was looking at the dog bedding and dog shampoos and pet toys.

I liked looking at the cats and the cat toys and the cat beds. The pet cages were cool. The birds were fun.

I like some of the dogs in the wash and I saw lots of birds and fish. I liked it at Animates.

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