Monday, 25 July 2016

Author’s Purpose

Why Write?

In Term 3 we will read and discuss this set of books to help us learn about the author's purpose.

Authors write for many reasons. Sometimes they write stories to entertain readers. They may write to persuade readers or to try to get readers to do something. Other times authors write to teach or inform about a topic.

How will we learn together?

1.First we look at the book carefully.

2.Study the pictures and look for clues.

3.Listen to or read the story.

4.Get help with tricky words, find out their meanings.

5.Use the "Author's Purpose Checklist" to help share your ideas and to discuss the book with others.

Author’s Purpose Checklist

Do you think the characters in the story are real? Y / N

Does the author make the characters enjoyable?  Y / N

Does the story have interesting characters that make you want to learn more about them?   Y / N

Did you learn facts from the story?   Y / N

Does the author teach you something?   Y / N

Does the author try to persuade you?   Y / N

Does the author help explain or make things easier to understand?  Y / N

What is the author’s purpose in this story?  
To entertain  To persuade  To inform To ________

What clues in the story helps you to decide what the author’s purpose is?

The author wanted to ...

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