Friday, 1 July 2016

Our Top Ten Favourite Things About Edgewater College

Our Edgewater College Top Ten

Lauren: I like my school because I like  my  friends and writing in my personal journal.

Joseph: I like gym and basketball because I like playing with my friends.

Dillion: l like to play basketball with my friends at lunch time.
l go to the gym to ride the exercycle.  

Bradley: I like going to the school library because they have a huge collection of books, magazines and newspapers.

Katy: The teachers are nice to me. I like to learn at school and make new friends. .

Jordan:  I like  the gym and making new friends as well.

Finn: I like to play sports like Basketball, Football, Tennis, Table Tennis and Athletics.

Connor: I like the big old trees there are very cool and I like going to the garden.

Michael: I like the school Fitness. That is My favourite part because I get really fit. My body is getting stronger.l

Troy: I like the sports at school. My favourite sports is 200m running, dodgeball and footballs as well. I enjoyed Edgewater College.

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