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New Zealand National Anthem in NZSL, Maori & English

God Defend New Zealand

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God Defend New Zealand
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National anthem of New Zealand

LyricsThomas Bracken, 1870s
MusicJohn Joseph Woods, 1876
Adopted1940 (as national hymn)
1977 (as national anthem)
Music sample
"God Defend New Zealand" is one of two national anthems of New Zealand, the other being "God Save the Queen". Legally they have equal status, but "God Defend New Zealand" is more commonly used, and is widely albeit incorrectly referred to as "the national anthem". Originally written as a poem, it was set to music as part of a competition in 1876. Over the years its popularity increased, and it was eventually named the second national anthem in 1977. The anthem has English and Māori lyrics, with slightly different meanings. When performed in public, the usual practice is to sing the first verse in both Māori and English.



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