Saturday, 30 July 2016

Dance Class Has Started

This term Sarah is teaching us to dance. We will have a lesson every Thursday. We hope to learn some freestyle moves, some Olympic dances and some formal dances like the Waltz.

We all survived the first lesson and we thought ...

I liked dancing and the warmups first.
It was fun.

I liked that Sarah taught us how to do wriggle leg dancing.
I loved dancing and waving my hands in the air.

I liked doing the robot dance because I always dance at home.

I liked the warmup dancing and it was quite quick and I enjoyed the dancing.

The warmup dance was a bit fast but I got used to it.
I am looking forward to doing some Olympic dancing.

My favourite part of dancing was the moving train.
I did some good dance moves.

I liked the dancing it was very good.
I liked the finger clicking and shimmying.

I danced to the Justin Timberlake music.
My favourite dance was” I can’t stop the feeling”.
That was cool.

We did the train dance and we did the twist.

It was like a warmup dance.

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  1. Hello all, I do agree that dancing is a lot of fun. I too like to dance and wave my hands in the air like Troy. Can you take a video of your dance lessons and post them for us to see? It would be awesome. Ka kite Miss Parker.