Friday, 14 October 2016

What can I do now?

We have been getting our Headway Animal Unit work and Headway Water Skills ready for the teachers to check. It has been fun looking at all of the Headway work in our folders and remembering how much we learnt doing the learning activities. 

We made lists of the things we can do after finishing the Animals and Water Skills Units. Here are some of our can do sentences:

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My Headway Animals Unit Can Do Statements

I have demonstrated that I can:

I can look after a dog.

I can say what animals make a good pet.

I can say what things a dog needs to be healthy.

I can list what things my pets needs.

I can be nice to the Guide Dog.

I can be calm around the Guide Dog.

I can look up how much the pet supplies cost.

I can choose good food for my pet.

I can make a good choice.

I can train the Guide Dog puppy.

I can feed my pet the proper pet food.

I can keep my pet fit by playing with it.

I can wash my hands after handling an animal.

I can make a pet poster to tell people about animals.

I can make a list of ways to keep a pet clean and healthy.

I can make a space for my pet to sleep in.

I can clean my pet’s sleeping spot.

I can work out how much a pet will cost to keep.

I can list things a pet needs to stay healthy.

I can visit the pet shop.

I can look up animal facts in the library.

I can look up animal facts on the internet.

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My Headway Water Skills Unit Can Do Statements

I have demonstrated that I can:
I can make a water safety poster.

I can participate in kickboard races

I can do backstroke

I can take part in Special Olympic swimming sports

I can discuss with my class about swimming safety signs

I can confidently float on my back with a kickboard.

I can do freestyle fast

I can blow bubbles when I am under the water.

I can swim like a dolphin.

I can feel great using my kickboard in the races.

I can dive under the water.

I can hold  my breath under the water.

I can confidently enter the pool safely.

I can walk across the pool.

I can watch a video and talk about how to stay safe around water.

I can float on my front.

I can enjoy the swimming lessons,they were fun.

I can walk slowly in the pool without slipping.

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