Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Football Skills Lessons

This term we are learning large ball skills to help us develop our "Leisure Skills", coordination and general fitness.



Our Football Learning Targets Are To:

football.jpg-Play as a team. (Stay with your team and take your turn)
football.jpg-Play fair
football.jpg-Improve your ball skills

We have Football skills training lessons to help us to meet our learning targets and to get ready for the Special Olympics Football Sports Day. In each lesson we practice some basic skills drills to improve our skills.

Football Drills & Skills:

Warm up = Free exploration


-Zig zag
-vers noodle or attacker


-top of foot
-side of foot
-empty goal or net training
-goal shoots with keeper


-pass to staff member
-pass to partner
-pass to goal shooter

Game play
Team v cones/chairs/training devices
Team v staff
3 a side teams with no goalie
5 a side teams using the official rules

Warm Down



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  1. I enjoyed the football skills lessons this term. Also I enjoyed the photos.

    From Andrew