Monday, 8 May 2017

New Sommerville Building Progress Report

On Friday Di and Corey came to Edgewater College 
to visit the new Sommerville Building. 

Di and Corey met with Nicola from the architects office 
to talk about how the building is progressing.

They talked about what work still needs to be done to finish the building so that the students can move into their new class. 


  1. I love the song called Bob the Builder. I do like the photo of Dianne Hawkins and Corey at Sommerville Building on Friday 5/5/17.

    Are we going to move to Sommerville Building next term?

    From Andrew

  2. Hi Andrew, I am so excited to move to the new classroom
    did you see a new classroom. Are you excited to move to new classroom.
    where do you live?
    From Julia. Yes I am going to move to move to sommerville building.

    1. Hi Julia,

      Thank You for your message to me. Yes I did see a new classroom this week. Yes I'm excited to move to new classroom. I live in Half Moon Bay.

      From Andrew