Monday, 15 May 2017

Self Portraits

Edgewater 3
Self Portraits

  1.  Take photo.
  2. Print photo.
  3. Look at photo.
  4. Draw photo.
  5. Display photo.






This is me holding the ball. I did some exercising. I drew it with my pencil. I feel happy because I loved it. Finn.

I drew me. My drawing was good. It is good to draw for our display. I hope staff like my art. Andrew.

It is me throwing the shot put. I draw with my pencil. It is great. Gregory

Drawing was difficult. It was hard to copy the picture. I tried my best. I am a little bit happy. The legs are funky. Ethan

I love drawing. The self portrait was easy. I feel good because it looks so brilliant. Nikhil

I am about to chuck the ball. The artwork is good. It was hard to get my body to look right. Cole


  1. I enjoyed the photos of self portrait. I think the art is lovely.
    From Andrew

  2. I love this idea! You all did so well at copying the photo. I think I would struggle to get it right.