Thursday, 26 September 2013

Basketball Kid's Comments

Kid's Comments

I went to a basketball tournament and scored 1 basket.  I was tired, but I had fun.  We went on a big bus.  I saw the Edgewater team play.

I played basketball with Tamaki 1.  I went on the bus with Jackie and Kevin.  It was fun.  I got 3 baskets and I was tired at the end.

Troy Tu
On Tuesday I went with my class to The Trust Stadium to play basketball.  I had to go and play in bare feet because I didn't bring sports shoes.  We went to the stadium in a bus.  My feet were sore after the basketball tournament.  We won our 4 games.

I went to basketball with my class.  I scored 4 points.  We won all our games.

I went to basketball with my class.  Our team won 4 games.  I scored lots of baskets.  I enjoyed playing basketball.

I played basketball.  I got 1 basket.  I went in the bus.  I saw the harbour bridge and the flags.  We won all of our games.

Troy Ta
I played basketball with Dillion, Shanann, William, Ben, Reggie and Troy.  Katy did not play because she is on holiday.  We went on the bus to the basketball tournament.

Tamaki 1 First in the division at the Basketball Ribbon Day

Tamaki 1 were division winners at the Basketball Ribbon Day.

Well done team!

Great skills!

Winning teamwork.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Manaiakalani thanks the Telecom foundation


Baz sings Tamaki 1’s praises

 Baz visited Tamaki 1 to look at our Trump folders! 

He was so impressed he sang Trump song for us.

Warning - Warning - Warning - Spec Virus Alert - Warning - Warning - Warning


Spec Virus Alert !

Parents and teachers beware!

Sommerville students are working feverishly to complete their Spec folders before the end of term.


Look out! The scary Spec virus is spreading!

A yellow spot is first sign of Spec infection. 
The yellow spots spread rapidly. 

If left untreated students are soon unable to learn.

Infected students should:

* Be nice to their parents and teachers.

* Take a break from working on their Spec folder

* Do housework involving water. (eg dish washing or car washing.)

After a short time of doing water based chores the yellow spots will fall of the student. Then students can safely return to working on their Spec folders.

Tamaki 1’s Amazing $5 Class Trip - Thursday 26 September

The Kiwi Valley Farm Park Maze
Tamaki 1’s Amazing $5 Class Trip - Thursday 26 September 
This term we have studied maps and a reading book about children going into a large maze.  

To prove that students have learnt some mapping and teamwork skills from these lessons we challenge the Tamaki 1 students to:

 Use a map to navigate the Tamaki van to and from the Kiwi Valley Farm.

 Work with your team to find your way through the maze.

The Kiwi Valley Farm Park Maze - “The best place to get lost!"
Over 1 kilometre long, the Maze is part of Kiwi Valley Farm Park and entry is included as part of general admission. The maze is made from “Brustik Fencing” and the surface is pumice sand, so it’s an all weather-walking track for all ages.

Please bring a coat, walking shoes or boots, a packed lunch and drink.

Students who pass the challenge will return home on their normal taxi.