Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sommerville Social


Just a quick message to let everyone know that we will be holding a Sommerville Social on Tuesday 2nd of September in the Tamaki Hall.

The idea behind the social is to allow those students who normally wouldn't be able to attend a social in the evening to party and dance with everyone during the day. It is open to all students of all abilities, is it is during the day we will have the teachers and learning assistants to support and supervise all the students.

Last year was a huge success and some parents even came in to have a look and a dance as well with their children. They are more than welcome to do the same.

The goals for our students are around, social etiquette. Introducing themselves and being friendly and welcoming.

If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to ask

Make sure you bring your dancing shoes,

Kind regards,

Lionel Tapara
Community Education Program 

We will be going for an afternoon of fun and dancing. 

Popcorn and Drink provided as fuel for dancing.

Where: Tamaki Intermediate Hall

When: Tuesday 2nd September

Time: 11:00-1:00

Edgewater 3 Visit The Cafe

On Thursday we went to the Sommerville Cafe.

The Manager welcomed us.

We read the menu and ordered.

We enjoyed the great food and drinks. 

Nathan got a special Birthday treat.

It was amazing thank you!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fitness Friday

We are enjoying training with Chantell at the Llyod Elsmore Gym. Orla our physiotherapist came to the gym to check on our fitness progress. 


Orla said we were looking very healthy. Orla was amazed at how we did the circuit workout by ourselves.

Monday, 25 August 2014

This Week we will …

This Week we will …

  • Film good and bad choices for our class video “Brad Choice”.

  • On Thursday we will visit the Sommerville School Office to learn about the office equipment and machines for our Headway Techno Tools Unit.

  • On Thursday we will visit the Sommerville Café to enjoy a social time and the nice food prepared by the Senior students.

  • On “Fitness Friday” we will practice our basketball skills with Edgewater 1 and 2. We are getting ready for the Basketball Ribbon Day it is on Tuesday 16 September. Come along and see us at the Trust Stadium Henderson.

Basketball Practice with Edgewater 1, 2 and 3

We practice our basketball skills with Edgewater 1 and 2 every Friday. We are getting ready for the Basketball Ribbon Day it is on Tuesday 16 September. 

Come along and see us play at the Trust Stadium Henderson.

Film Festival Work is going well

Our Class Movie now has a name!

It is called "Brad Choice". It is about good and bad choices.

We have finished the good and bad dance scenes and are planning and filming the action scenes now. 

Here is one of the good dances.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pegasus Social Day at Pakuranga College

The "Social Day" at Pakuranga College was fantastic!

Thank you to our great hosts the "Pegasus Unit" at Pakuranga College. It was a brilliant day. Three classes from Edgewater College attended. 

We had great fun making new friends and catching up with old friends. We ate far too much pizza and danced the day away. Some people were still dancing when they got into the Taxi at the end of the day!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Social Day - Pegasus Unit

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Next Tuesday the 19 August we will be going to the Pegasus Unit at Pakuranga College for a “Social Day”. This day will include a disco and visit to the activities room and mini-gym. We will supply a Hot Dog snack and students can bring their packed lunch and a drink.

Students can wear mufti for this outing and may want to bring a spare T Shirt to work out in. Students will return home in their normal Taxi.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Rangitoto College Choirs - Lunchtime Concert

On Friday 7 August we went to the lunchtime concert at the Auckland Central Library. Two choirs from Rangitoto College were performing.


Our Comments:

I liked the music. The piano made me want to go to sleep. The singing was fantastic.


I like listening to the music at the Library. It sounded beautiful and I want to go back to the library to listen to more music again. it made me happy. Brennan

I    liked  the singing  and  the  music. It was amazing!   Nathan     

I absolutely liked the choir that was playing at the music concert. Some of the songs that the choir sang were so beautiful that I almost dozed off, but managed to stay awake. My favourite song that the choir sang was Waltzing Matilda, which surprisingly originated from Australia.


I really enjoyed the music concert yesterday I think it was really great. I think the singing was really good I liked Waltzing Matilda. I didn’t know that the swagman could dance with his bag on his back. It made me feel great.


Yesterday we went to the library. I like the music and singing. My favourite was the piano. The piano was the best because I like listening. The singing was beautiful, it made me feel happy.
By Vikki

They were so good at singing the words to the songs. I liked how they sang a song about New Zealand. It made me feel proud that I am a Kiwi. Natasha  

Thursday, 7 August 2014

What is at the Library?

We went to the Auckland Central Library 
to find out what is at the Library? 

What is at the Library?

Natasha found:

1 Research room
2 A room about the World War 1
3 Old newspapers from different places
4 Maps from different countries all over the world
5 Lots of CDs
6 Playstation games
7 Lots of Dvds
8 Childrens area
9 Computers
10 Lots of different books
11 Magazines
12 sculptures
13 Art on the walls

Brennan found:

1. CD’s

2. New newspapers

3. Lots of books

4. music

5. computers

6. Cafe

7. Signs

8.Photos of Soldiers from World War 1

Nathan found:

reading   room.     
war photos
art  crafts

Vikki found:

We went to the library. We were looking at books and we saw pictures of the old days. I had lots of fun. I found magazines, statues, books, cd's, piano, computer, maps, posters, war books. chair, table, war posters,

Aidan found:

1. People
2 books
3 Dvd
4 cds
5 newspaper  
6 toys
7 singing
8 magazines
9 cafe
10 music

Allan found:

1. At the library there are fishing charts of all the places that you can fish.

2. We went into the research place and had a look at the passenger s on ships and when came to  New Zealand.

3. Also while we were at the library we had a look at books like the Pike River Mine.

3. We also went to the little kids centre and listened to the books the lady was reading.

4. We went into the Anzac Hall and Elly showed us where the people fought and that was at Anzac Cove.

5. Also at the library we saw old computers in the research centre we also saw paintings of war heroes.

6. Heaps of people died at war so I wrote a very sad message in the visitors book to all the people who died at war.

7. I saw really cool chairs at the library some of them were red and some of them were orange and green.

8. Kevin said he saw some really cool chairs in the kids area and they looked like animals.

9. We also had a look at the channel island map and the New Zealand maps.

10. Elly said she saw computers that could search our family's history.

11. Before we left the library we went to a choir concert it was really cool.

12. While I was there I saw some old war badges in a cabinet they look older than me.

13. They were showing a slide show while we were there it was about the people that died at war.

Bradley found:

1. A cafe.
2. A research centre.
3. A World War one exhibition.
4. The spring music concert.
5. Some book scanning machines.
6. Some big maps of New Zealand, Britain, etc.
7. Some historical maps of Auckland city.
8. A statue of William Shakespeare.
9. An archive of old newspapers and magazines.
10. An I.C.T area with computers.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Edgewater 3 Class Reward Trip Monday 11 August 2014

The Edgewater 3 Students have voted to spend some of their Class Reward Points on a trip to the

Auckland Botanic Gardens 
102 Hill Road 
New Zealand

We will have lunch at the gardens, enjoy some social time and look at the gardens. Parents are welcome to meet us at the gardens.

Interested Students may wish to investigate the Agent Ani Trail…
Join super-spy Agent Ani on a trail around the Gardens and collect a free pack of seeds!

Pick up an 'Agent Ani Botanic Gardens Adventure' booklet as you enter the Visitor Centre and follow the clues around the Gardens. It's a great opportunity for kids to learn and explore in a fun, interactive way. The booklet guides children around the Gardens and gives them interesting facts, figures and jokes.

The trail visits:

·         the Edible Garden
·         the Threatened Native Plant Garden where you can discover one of the rarest trees in the world
·         the lake to learn about oxygen weed
·         the Potter Childrens Garden, Rock Garden and more!

The guide also gives kids tips on how they can protect the planet and become an eco super-spies like Agent Ani. On return to the Visitor Centre, they can even pick up a free bag of seeds to take home to grow a botanic garden of their own!

Please bring:
Your lunch, a drink, walking shoes and a jacket to keep you warm and dry.

To learn more look at the Botanic Garden Web Site: 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Edgewater 3 Term 3 Class News

Edgewater 3 Term 3 Class News

Dear Friends and Families

The Edgewater 3 Students have made a fantastic start to the Terms work. We have a lot of cool activities and trips planned. We are going to the Central Library this week, Auckland Airport on Monday 8 September and to the Basketball Ribbon Day on Tuesday 16 September. Keep reading our blog for more information about our learning activities.

Occupational Therapy/Cooking lessons are going really well. Students are now enjoying making small snacks, drink and meals independently. This Term we hope to make some more complicated recipes but we are running out of the Term 1 Cooking money. Could families please send in $25 Cooking money for this Term.

Fitness Friday – Basketball Training – Headway Sports Unit

Every Friday we train for the Basketball Ribbon Day with the Edgewater 1, and 2 classes. Then we do some work before heading off to the Lloyd Elsmore Pools and Leisure Centre for our gym workout and swim.

Please bring your drink bottle, sports shoes, clothes
and your swimming gear every Friday.

On Thursday 7 August we are going to explore the Central City Library and attend a lunchtime concert. We hope to learn about the many resources and services the library offers and to enjoy some great music. The talented music students from Rangitoto College will start off the Spring Concert Series with a breath taking show of classical favourites. 
Please bring a packed lunch and a drink as we will not be able to buy, reheat or cook lunches on this day. Students will return home in their normal taxi.


Kevin Mellon (

Sunday, 3 August 2014

“Team Spirit” By Allan

To learn what “Team Spirit” means our class:

ü Talked about what “Team Spirit” means to us.
ü Played some team games.
ü Played the card game “Cheat”
ü Learnt the Special Olympics oath.
ü Studied the “Fair Play” Charter.
ü Met and played with the “Breakers” basketball team.
ü Competed in the Special Olympics Athletics Ribbon Day
ü Competed in the Special Olympics Football Ribbon Day

On Tuesday we went to the Breakers to watch them play basketball. I felt pretty happy because I got to play and watch them. While we were there Aidan and Nathan got called up to shoot the ball in the hoop. If they could get the ball in the hoop they got to keep the basketball.

One of the games Point England got chose to play basketball with the Breakers. After that they gave us all a team booklet to do it has all the activities in the book that we could do in our spare time. The team booklet has Spot the Difference game and all the information about the team.

Then we played another game. We got picked to play against the Breakers. I learned some new basketball skills to play proper basketball. I learnt the slam dunk and dribbling. At the end of the basketball game we got our booklet signed by the Breakers basketball team.

It is very easy to play basketball. I encouraged the basketball plaers to win. And I cheered them on in their wonderful game.

I learned how to pass the ball and I had good team spirit. I learned how to share the basketball properly I was really happy not grumpy.

I hope that the Breakers win their next game. I know they work really hard when they train at basketball.  I have faith in the team. They all have great basketball spirit.

  • Team spirit is about helping your team out when they get hurt.

  • When you are playing Basketball share the Basketball with your team.

  • Team spirit is about not letting go and helping each other.

  • We all worked together so nobody hurts them self.

  • Is somebody consulting their associates before continuing.

  • Always do what the coach says.

I found out that Team Spirit was:

The spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed.

Feelings of camaraderie among the members of a group, enabling them to cooperate and work well together.